About this blog


For years, Michel Lemay has taken an interest in news and journalism, from two different vantage points. As a citizen and as a communications professional, he is troubled by the fact that, obviously, a portion of the news is untrue, and journalism standards and ethics codes are often ignored. The result is often that the reputation of stakeholders suffers, for no good reason. In 2014, Lemay published Vortex, la vérité dans le tourbillon de l’information (Québec Amérique), an essay on journalism. Vortex won the Victor-Barbeau Award of the Académie des lettres du Québec in 2015. The book, which garnered positive reviews, is based on a series of real-life examples from Canada, the United States and France. With this blog, Lemay intends to share additional reflection on the news factory.

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